Friday, July 11, 2014

{Expecting a Blessing}

Most of you already know by now that Stephen and I are expecting our first baby in September. Pregnancy has been such a wonderful experience for both of us.  I personally have enjoyed pretty much every minute of being pregnant...the past 7 1/2 months have been amazing and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of our journey thus far...

{First Trimester}
The first trimester was full of so many changes for us.  After finding out we were expecting, we immediately went into overdrive with research and planning, almost as if our baby was due the next week.  Excitement and joy flooded our hearts right away, we almost couldn't contain our secret from family and friends.  After our pregnancy was confirmed by our doctor, and we had that sweet ultrasound in our hands, we HAD to tell our families - it was still pretty early, but we couldn't wait.  I did experience a few rough patches in the first trimester, but nothing that I couldn't handle.   I had a few food aversions, particularly the smell of meat cooking - ick!  But thankfully that didn't last long.  I also experienced some cramping, which somewhat scared me at first... {As a side note: DON'T read blog posts to try to figure out what's wrong with you when you're pregnant- it'll scare you even more!} I feel so bad for my hubby, another side effect of my first trimester was moodiness - my hormones were out of control.  Crying over nothing - freaking out over everything.  Poor guy did his best to console me.  He's been such a rock star husband during this entire journey, but especially my first trimester.  Don't know what I would do without that man of mine.  One of the BEST highlights of my first trimester: no morning sickness.  Not once.  Thank you Jesus!
{Cravings:  Refried beans, oatmeal, sandwiches}

{The Gender}
We paid extra at our doctor to find out the sex of the baby early.  I mean, seriously, who can wait another minute to find out something THAT major.  Looking at the ultrasound screen with Stephen by my side holding my hand was the best.  The baby was very stubborn that day, moving around and crossing its legs - the tech had a hard time getting a good view...but finally, there it's a GIRL!  All along we were hoping for a boy - so to hear it was a girl was a shock to say the least.  But we were happy, a healthy baby is all that truly matters - and God had blessed us with a healthy baby girl.  Gracie Eyvon Munana would be her name.  Two days later, on my way to work, I was involved in a hit-and-run accident. I called my doctor and they told me to go straight to the ER, just to make sure the baby was okay.  Upon arrival, they did a urine and blood test and rushed me back to see an Ultrasound tech.  Stephen was with me and once we arrived in the dark Ultrasound room, the tech asked us if we had found out the gender yet.  We excitedly told her, yes, a girl.  She looked at us and said, "That's not what I'm seeing."  I looked at Stephen with big eyes, and he had the biggest grin on his face.  Ear to ear.  The tech continued, "Yeah, it's definitely a boy."  We were literally freaking out.  I exclaimed, "Show us!"  She zoomed in on the "boy parts" and showed us clear as day, our baby boy.  We were stunned.  Couldn't believe it.  We had just gotten used to the idea of our Gracie.  Luckily, we already had a boy name picked out too....Samuel.  Samuel Anthony Munana.  Stephen gets his boy after all.   

{Second Trimester}
The second trimester in one word....wonderful!  My skin, nails and hair, perfect.  My mood - even better. Easy doctor appointments, the glucose test was a breeze {not sure why so many women complain about it..I had that sucker chugged in 30 seconds}.  My doc did tell me to amp up my iron and protein - no problem!  The slight fatigue I was feeling was immediately put at bay with a simple iron supplement.  Late in my second trimester, my doctor ok'd me to get back into the gym - and I've never felt better.  It was the missing piece of my "feel good" puzzle.  Although, I do get lots of questions and odd stares, even some comments about me working out while pregnant.  One in particular: "You better be careful or that baby will pop out any minute."  And my response, "Actually my doctor  strongly recommended I come back to Zumba - it's good for me and the baby."  I honestly try my best to not get offended by people who give me their "two cents" on my pregnancy. 
{Cravings: ice cream DRENCHED with Hershey's chocolate syrup, oatmeal, Rib Crib chicken strips}  

{Third Trimester}
This is it.  Last trimester.  Where the heck did the time go?!  Are we ready for this?  Ah!  Mild Braxton Hicks are occasionally hitting me, but it's not too bad at this point.  My appointments have now started becoming a bi-monthly affair, and soon they'll be weekly.  We get to pre-register for our hospital stay and epidural in just a few weeks.  And our baby shower is just a week away!  It's getting real.  I'm still feeling great, and loving my baby bump - no stretch marks!  My favorite thing is feeling Samuel kick and push inside my belly.  It's become our nightly entertainment.  Stephen talks to my belly and "boom" he kicks.  He rubs my belly and there he goes, moving around.  It's the most amazing thing.  I often wish Stephen could experience what it feels like.  My linea nigra is darkening more and more, and I love it.  It's now created a ring around my belly button and is traveling up towards the top of my belly.  We've learned no matter where we go, we must locate a bathroom at all times - peeing is my new hobby.  And my feet have just started swelling if I'm on them too long or get too hot - but it's nothing an ice pack and a foot rub from hubby can't handle.  Lately indigestion and heart burn have crept up on me - but trust me, I'm not complaining - I just look at it as our little Sam must have a lot of hair like mommy and daddy!
{Cravings: to be determined}

Mrs. Munana

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